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Flexible stone veneer – machinery and production technology, Zikam Stone company

One of the last Zikam Stone company developments in the sphere of finishing materials is an ultrathin wall covering made of flexible stone. It is called flexible stone veneer. This material is really very unusual and interesting. If to judge on appearance, a flexible stone veneer is very thin (1,5mm) and very light plate made of the natural stone. The front plane of a flexible stone is a relief chip on a surface of a noble facing stone: sandstone, slate or the aged limestone. In combination with natural colouring, it looks like the plate made of the real stone. To this, quite big plate of 100х50cm It's very beautiful! However, you can see all the advantages of this new material best of all, if you watch the video about the flexible stone veneer.
Very thin plate of an expressive and relief stone is stuck together with a strong glass-fiber basis. Therefore, the flexible stone veneer possesses the sufficient durability and flexibility so that it is convenient to work with it when finishing walls. So, Zikam Stone achieved the material which bears in itself the qualities of the real stone and the ordinary wall-paper. It got stone appearance, durability and hardness and wall-paper cardboard thickness, lightness and flexibility.
Zikam Stone is the technological company. It not only makes a flexible stone veneer in the form of finished product. First of all, the company offers the equipment, polyurethane molds and the flexible stone veneer production technology to the customers. And it is important to emphasize the difference of the Zikam Stone technology from the similar products of the European market. This difference is very essential! The European products are made on the basis of synthetic polyester pitches. The Zikam Stone flexible stone veneer is made on the basis of micro cements. These are only natural components. This material is environmentally friendly, vapor-permeable and non-flammable. All these qualities are highly appreciated in modern interior design.
may be of different complexity and productivity levels. The basic option demands only existence of the Zikam Stone polyurethane moulds and special raw materials. The productivity of such mini business is small, and makes 5-10 sq.m. of production a day. Productivity from 100 to 500 sq.m/day requires the various additional equipment. Therefore, the volume of investment sharply increases. But however the result will please you. Apply to Zikam Stone consultants for detailed information. New business is new opportunities. Develop with us!


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